What we do…


It’s pretty simple. It’s our job to make YOU look like a star.


With over 30 years of experience in the food business, I know what you want. Delectable food with exemplary service. My sole purpose is to make that happen for you.

Whether you’re looking to cater an event at your office or home or if you'd like to order dinner for your family, or an item to gift someone or bring along to an event, this is your spot!

I have been cooking since I had to stand on a chair to stir the sauce and was literally born with a deep love for creating + sharing food. After working in the business for many years, we opened our cafe here in the SoBro district of Indianapolis called Zest! followed by our lounge called Twist. If you were a lover of our food, you are in luck, as many of our most popular items are still available right here!

Also, if you’re looking for something and don’t see it on the menu (or you’ve already made your way through it), please don’t hesitate to ask for it! There isn’t even close to enough space to add all of the different types of food that we can accommodate you with!




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